“I don’t enjoy it… (but) it’s a good career”

Just linking this up here, an article about young Las Vegas juggler Ty Tojo (“Fifield”): stepson (and student) of the great Dick Franco.


What I find of particular note is the following quote:
“I’m proud of it,” Fifield said of his juggling skills. “But I don’t enjoy it. It’s a good career, though.”

1 thought on ““I don’t enjoy it… (but) it’s a good career””

  1. He’s young. I remember Anthony Gatto saying about the same thing as that age.

    As the father of a 9-year old boy I see how fast interests come and go. Some activities stick and some flow as fast as they came. It’s all part of the beauty of childhood.

    I was at a seminar for how children learn recently and heard a speaker say, “Childhood isn’t supposed to be preparation for adulthood. It’s an era of its own.”

    Loved that quote.


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