The Quadruple Somersault

Miguel Vasquez, of the Flying Vasquez, one of the world’s most famous flying trapeze troupes,  catches “the most difficult acrobatic feat in the 20th century” – the quadruple somersault.

I love flying trapeze but what I love most about this video is that in slow-mo you can see two of the saltos just hover in the air defying gravity at the peak of the pass.


Circus Girls

It came to my attention today that nearly two weeks ago another interesting circus-related blogging site has popped up on the interwebs. Circus Girl Magazine is “devoted to bringing news, tips, and a backstage tour for Circus Girls by Circus Girls around the world!!” and promises “in-depth interviews with your favorite circus stars from venerable legends to rising newcomers to circus school students. Also you can look forward to insights into fashion and circus-fusion entertainment, product reviews, and much more!

There’s not a huge amount of content yet but go check it out. The more Circus Geeks the better!

Archaos Circus

In my opinion a must watch video of the legendary Archaos Circus, won’t be every ones thing but worth a watch none the less, inspiring, raw and pioneering stuff!

Also more info on a new archive website which has been set-up in memory of founder Pierrot Bidon  and all the other artists, technicians and members of Archaos Circus: