Pole Dance Dictionary

Anyone interested in the documenting of ‘circus’ tricks or wanting to learn chinese pole should have a look at Pole Dance Dictionary for inspiration.

A very slick looking site, it’s just a shame they didn’t use YouTube so you could easily share videos. Also nice to see a familiar face on the site!

Pole Dance Dictionary on Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Pole Dance Dictionary”

  1. Hi Arron, Lucy from Pole Dance Dictionary here. Thanks for the article – just to let you know it is possible to share our videos on a whole range of social media sites using the links above the videos. Embedding to come soon!

    Something else you may be interested in, we begin shooting on Monday for http://thecircusdictionary.com – this will feature 10 circus discplines to begin with (Silks, Hand Balance, Contortion, Acro Balance, Juggling to name a few). You can sign up the the mailing list at http://thecircusdictionary.com to be kept informed!

  2. Thanks for the info Lucy, look forward to seeing things develop! Trying to do the same thing for juggling sounds ambitious but we like that. Good luck!

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