Jugglers list of jugglers

In 2004 wrote a list of jugglers I’d like to see live, these are the ones left (who are still performing or alive).

Anthony Gatto
Passing Zone
Michael Davis
Michael Chirrick
Michael Moschen
Jerome Thomas
Dick Franco
Ben Smalls
Olli Groszer

I hope I get to finish the list!

As a side note, do you think many aerialists or acrobats have similar lists?

1 thought on “Jugglers list of jugglers”

  1. I reckon you’ve got a good chance of seeing them all. I’m interested in any from your original list that you missed due to retirement or death?

    I really regret not seeing Francis Brunn perform live.

    And I shall not comment on the lists (or otherwise) of other disciplines šŸ˜‰

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