I applied for the first round of Lab:time funding, looking for help developing ideas for a show. I received Lab:time funding for one part of my proposal, ‘Explore light trails with jugging’ and was allocated £750 and access to the Creation Studio at Circus Space.

The hardest part of the process was coordinating a date that worked with Circus Space, myself and the participants.

I spent a couple of fun, yet intense days working with Howie Bailey a VJ (and with the help of Jon Udry, a fellow juggler). 

Lab:time allowed me the luxury to explore and develop an idea that I was certain would produce useful results. Not having the pressure of a deadline or end client to please allowed time to investigate different techniques that may have been overlooked in a different environment.  

I’d strongly recomend applying to Lab:time if there is an interesting idea relating to circus lurking in the back of your mind. If there’s not, then get thinking!

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4 thoughts on “Lab:time”

  1. Any chance to watch the video on another video-site? maybe?
    Unfortunately youtube does not allow me to watch it in Germany.

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