Circus used to mean this

Contemporary circus seems to have lost some of the sheer craziness that used to be associated with it. This stuff still takes place, it’s just it’s more associated with extreme sports and energy drinks.

These kinds of stunts don’t always go right though….

4 thoughts on “Circus used to mean this”

  1. Totally stunning stunts, What a rush!!!! I am a tumbler and love the feeling of being in the moment and the complete adrenalin of doing things that appear miraculous to others. It can totally put a break in the sense of what is possible. But each higher risk comes with well obviously more risk.
    Maybe its not about how far we can push ourselves physically, or the level of adrenaline we can get pumping in ours and others bodies anymore, but how tight we can become as a tribe. Circus was always tribal.
    A guy called Daniel Quinn in an amazing book that looks at why our culture is making us into lemmings, highlighted that circus holds the best qualities of tribe, everyone pitches in, every one is valued for their speciality, if theres food you all share and if these none you all carry the loss. In Water for elephants it also showed the stark reality of tribes, if you didn’t tow the line, were no longer
    contributing something you were disposed of.
    Community, social, new Circus; Whatever you want to call it, is leading the way in supporting communities to regain celebrations and acknowledgement of what it is they value about themselves. It is giving individuals a new path to surviving a system and culture that hasn’t worked for them.
    Circus is challenging because it brings people together in a group that has to get along. No matter whose been sleeping with who, no matter who ate all the weeties in the morning, when the spotlights on you and you reach out for that catch, you gotta know the whole troupe has got your back.
    In circus you are able to be yourself, explore new ideas, develop new skills. Being able to live in close quarters, create together and travel and move onto to new ideas, circus is a model for the global tribal culture of the future.

  2. Hey Aaron I am new to this but would love to post your blog out to my facebook. How do I do that? Also I have a chapter that is about Circus’s benefits for me on You tube. Hope its of interest to you Thanks Louise

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