What Sideshow Is Not . . .


Sideshow is not:

1. “Jackass” in any way shape or form.  Just because you are a fan of the show or the movies does not make you an expert in the centuries old arts of Circus Sideshow, the Bally Stage, the Old Ten in One, or simply stapling your ball sack to the side of your leg (reference on the last one, see: “Jackass”)

2. Magic.  Magic is trickery, sleight of hand or “gaffing”.  Sideshow is real, real nails, real glass, real fire, real danger.  In the words of a great Sideshow artist, George the Giant, “Magic tries to make you believe that it’s real; Sideshow makes you wish to hell that it wasn’t.”

3. A Party Trick.  It is a “Stunt;” because of the fact that Sideshow is real it takes a lot of training and discipline combined with proper technique and skill level to not get hurt.  Half of what we do during any given performance can quite possibly kill us several different ways if we do not perform the stunt properly.

4. For Children.  Due to the fact that Circus Sideshow is real, dangerous and life-threatening, it may not be the kind of entertainment you would want to bring your child to.  Though that being said we have performed to the delight and extreme delicious horror for older children in the past.  Some kids are just built for it I guess and we will probably be seeing them on stage in the future – who knows?

5. For Women.  Women are far to delicate for this sort of thing and really we don’t want to mar their pretty faces.  I’m sure they would jus faint and pass out at just the idea of the stunts let alone performing them, and . . . and . . .  ——- I’m sorry I just can’t say this with a straight face and without laughing.  Who are we kidding?  I work with the most rockin’ group of Ladies that do things that make the burliest me squeele.  Lol! (www.sideshowsirens.com)

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