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Photo: Ryan Lash

Philippe Petit is most famous for walking between the towers of the World Trade Center, but he’s done much, much more.

At TED2012, he tells a story of the campfires of his childhood. “There was a time when fire and story would fall asleep in unison. It was dream time.” And that dream here is the story of his life. And at key moments, he shared with us a word and a phrase.

“Passion is the motto of all my actions,”

At six years old he got a book of magic, and began to master the tricks. A year later, he presented a trick to a master magician, and was told he was rubbish. So, he went back and practiced for two more years.

“Tenacity is how i kept it against all odds”

He went to a circus to learn more, and saw the high-wire walkers…

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