Synthetic Video

Jugglers prepare for depression/inspiration (depending on your philosophical out look on life), Wes Peden has released his most recent pay for view video digital download, entitled ‘Synthetic’. And it’s epic.

I should probably write a little more on the contents but I’m not going to bother, you all know the deal. If Wes puts 18 months into a project you know it’s going be worth €15!

Buy ‘Synthetic’ here!

I guess if you really need to know more then have a read of this blurb by Wes…

Synthetic is a film displaying the new work of Wes Peden. The material was inspired, in a concrete way, by the strength of each prop and how to best take advantage of these qualities. The general aesthetic of the juggling was particularly influences by asymmetry, clarity, and trick shape.

The video is 45 minutes long and comes with an additional 25 minutes of bonus tricks and remixes. inside you will find 3 club slapping sequences, the coolest 5 ball pirouette Wes has ever done, 25 new ring patterns, a German 6 ball piece, 3 balls and a sweater, THE THROWING AWAY SECTION, the holy club/cuphead/ball part, site specific head rolls, flipping forehead balances, the 2012 five club routine, and so very much many more!

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