A TED Talk by a World Class Performer

I realise that it’s normally Arron Sparks’ job to post TED Talks to this blog, but I thought I’d get in ahead of him this time.

Before I became a juggler I was into skateboarding. I was never very good at it but it still fascinates me as an activity and a subculture. Every subculture has it’s own history, legends and heroes, unheard of in the mainstream but of great importance to a select few. Rodney Mullen is (in my opinion at least) the greatest skateboarder of all time.

I don’t really want to get into broader definitions of what is and isn’t circus, juggling, acrobatics or manipulation. This talk is a fascinating look at the thought process of a skilful practitioner. More importantly, a skilful practitioner of something he loves doing.

1 thought on “A TED Talk by a World Class Performer”

  1. Thanks for that Sam somehow I’d missed this great talk. It really connected to me as at one point I was seriously considering trying to make a living as a skateboarder/videographer and there are so many parallels between Mullens attitudes and opinions with circus, juggling and Yo-Yo (and life in general).

    Now to practice my darkslides….

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