I’m currently flat hunting, don’t worry I’m not going to turn the blog into an advertisement platform for my personal life (although I’m looking for a relaxed, quiet flat share in Hackney, if you know anywhere email me!). Viewing a couple of flats and then going through the process of explaining ‘what I do for a living’ to my would-be flatmates has made me think.

In the Dreaded Question I ranted about the boring conversation that is explaining to someone what I do. For the most part I stand by that post, sure it’s a self indulgent position to take but for the most part it’s true. Having the same egotistical conversation over and over agin gets a bit dull (at least for me).

So having to explain to potential flat mates what I do is not my idea of fun but unfortunately at the moment I have to go through it. The other day I must admit I did pause for thought when I was asked, “What did you do yesterday, on the weekend and one month ago?”.

I had to explain that, one month ago I was juggling giant apples in front of 80,000 spectators and millions of viewers around the globe watching the opening ceremony of the Paralympics. Last weekend I went to Portugal and spent most of my time running, eating and relaxing by the pool which was interjected by the occasional show in a beautiful theatre. Yesterday I eventually got up at 9:30 went for a run, had a leisurely breakfast, did some web work/reading, had coffee (it’s a new experience for me) and then went for a few hours juggling and workout. Finishing my days ‘work’ with a book and a quiet pint in my local.

It would be disingenuous to claim that the above answers were an average day but the fact that more than a few have been like that makes me think, I’m super lucky and it can’t last forever…. Best enjoy it while I can!

Being a circus artist can be the best, it’s good to remind yourself of that.

But it’s also wise to remind yourself of harsh reality, moving sucks.

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