An average day

Someone asked what’s an average day for a professional juggler. It’s a pretty difficult one to answer succinctly as the average day varies so much. Over the summer I was performing pretty much every day, right now I’m not performing so much and able to concentrate on new projects and on practicing juggling.

At the moment my average day is working out a bit like this (and I love it):

8:30 Get up

9 Running

10-11:30 e-mails, RSS feed, Facebook, Twitter and breakfast.

12-3 Juggle

3-4 Gym

4-6 Coffee, more internet catchup. Plan stuff for Beta Testing.

6-7 Eat.

7-12 fun time/pub time.

12-8:30 bed.


3 thoughts on “An average day”

  1. This might be an interesting poll question to ask other jugglers, because I think people’s days would vary widely depending on their performance schedule and whether or not they have a family. My husband Greg’s daily schedule, I have to say, looks almost nothing like this! đŸ™‚

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