Circus Hackathon

NOLA Hackathon 2011
NOLA Hackathon 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been reading a bit about new ways technology is allowing people to collaborate, things like Google Drive, GitHub etc. It seems as usual circus has a bit of catching up to do!

In Wired a while ago I read an article about Hackathons and thought it would be great to see/take part/organise a circus equivalent. Hackathons are a chance for coders to meet up, work like crazy in small teams and produce a sketch version for a new service or product.

Earlier this year when I was in Montreal I spotted Impro Cirque, something quite close to my idea. Unfortunately I left before it took place but from video it looks pretty fun…

I’d love to see a more informal version done in the UK, perhaps no ‘public’ audience. No one gets paid- All it would need is some interested circus artists and some space (perhaps some pizza and beers at the end of it). Perhaps two days manic work and a fun showing at the end of it? Best team performance judged by a panel wins a years supply of Apple products (or not)?!

Just a thought….

4 thoughts on “Circus Hackathon”

  1. Yes, good plan but please no apple supplies as a prize! All my (circus) housemates already are on apple, it does not need to invade the world even more!
    Apple = Cirque du soleil :p

  2. Aaron what’s your email? I uploaded all of the Impro Cirque shows from the festival on YouTube if you’re interested in watching them. I can give some more insights on how it’s run if you’re curious.

    I also got a nice shot of you throwing yoyos in Owen’s face during the parade.

  3. What a great concept! Like the ‘theatre sports’ improv developed from Keith Johnston’s work (and made popular on TV shows like ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’ – but for circus! I guess your ‘hackathon’ idea would be closer to a musicians’ jam session, with no audience present?

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