Beta Testing – Creation Week 4

20131005-041739 pm.jpg

The 4th of 9 weeks of residency awarded by the Propellor Prize and the second week in a row at La Breche. For the last four days myself, Jon and Matt were joined by video visual specialist Howie Bailey. I’ve know Howie for 14 years, from the days when he was a professional Yo-Yoist and juggler. More recently I’d worked with him in his current line of work on two Lab:Time projects, investigating various projection techniques with juggling.

We spent the fours days reworking the routine, optimising it to be seen with the live projected visuals. We spent hours running the routine, over and over. We would do a run through, Howie would give notes and make changes to our choreography or his programming, and then we’d run the routine again. A rather efficient if not exhausting feedback loop, in total carried out around 60 times.

Lauren from The Production Shed joined us for the last couple of days to see what we’d been up to and On the 3rd day we did an informal showing for some local students. The showing was a great chance to test the piece and gain some valuable feedback and answer some questions. The final morning was spent running sections of the routine so we could film them. Then in the afternoon we spent some time changing the size of the space so we could be confident of performing the piece in different spaces.

The two weeks we spent in La Breche were extremely challenging and tiring, spending all our waking hours creating, juggling, discussing and watching the occasional episode of Bear Grylls. But our residency also felt massively productive, exciting and inspiring. We created a collaborative piece that we are proud of and look forward to performing it in Beta Testing and hearing what you think.

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