We spent 5 days in the theatre space at Jacksons lane last week, working towards an invited showing of a close-to-finished Beta Testing at the end if the week. Nice to reflect that just under a year ago we were there working toward our initial showing, which spurred us on to apply to the Propellor Prize.

The first couple of days seemed particularly tough, first working days back after Christmas with little true creativity to be had. It was more of a case of slotting various bits we had already made together and looking at the technical constraints and transitions.

Howie came to work with us on Wednesday, walking through his superb visuals and custom cueing system which allows us to run much of them show on stage. The constant reach for self reliance is a habit I have inherited from studying and obsessing the most successful classic variety acts. Something I will have to let go of at some point down the line but for now I cling to it like a clingy thing, possibly a sloth which has just had a double espresso from Prufrock. As it turned out the marvellous Jules of Jacksons Lane 2.0 helped us out with a few extra lighting states and cues.


Matt devised a cunning way of dropping in a scree which made us all very happy and even worked in the showing, unlike most of Matts hair brained ideas – talking of which, Jon Udry was on top juggling form despite seemingly spending most of his time on luxury cruses in the Caribbean.

The showing went pretty well and we got some valuable feedback and new ideas, it seemed like the audience enjoyed it and some showed interest at the possibility of booking it in the future, watch this space_ We were happy with the results and are looking forward to making some changes for our official premier of <Beta_testing> in April.

Exciting times.

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