Sending print to tour venues

Advice for those who need to publicise shows from our hard working producer…

The Production Shed

Warning: this is a frightfully mundane blog post.

This is, in no way intended to entertain or delight, but thought it would be a useful, practical advice for small circus / theatre companies who are about to take their work on the road. 

Before a tour begins, all of your venues will need some printed publicity materials. This is a step-by-step guide from my experience, from design to delivery. Please do contact us if you have other recommendations- we’d love to hear them.

Most venues want your print 6-8 weeks ahead of the show, if you’re there for one or two nights. Some venues will do a mail-out to audience member who have seen similar work there before- so it’s good to leave plenty of time for them to do so. 

I’ve always worked with a graphic designer to get files ready to print; most recently, with Rebecca Pitt and Howie Bailey

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