Blog post about pants.

It is clear there are circus memes which travel around from company to company, show to show, artist to artist. This is of course expected and unavoidable – and in some cases, a positive trait.

Acrobats performing in underwear is a good exapmle. It may be beautiful, funny or shocking to some. But I have seen it so many times in the last few years that I don’t even notice it as an artistic choice. It’s become the default.

Perhaps this is the point? Perhap the idea is to show off the human body, for the costume to get out of the way and simplicity to come through? The choice and awarness of choice probably vary from company to company but on some level the circus underwear meme is playing its part.

I am surley slave to circus memes as anyone is, justifying decisions after the choice is already made. I’m striving to be aware of such memes and choices in my work but we are all susceptible to culture and trends. It’s where ideas are grown from.

The key then must be to seek influences from a wider pool of knowledge than just circus. While at the same time being aware of developments in our art form. Taking advantage these developments and being aware and clear in our intention and choices.

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