Cirque du brands

Interesting to see Soleil futher exploring established lines of entertainment such as popular music, holywood films and celebrity to create shows around. Looking at a list of the past shows it’s striking to see how many are ‘inspired’ by existing brands works of art.

To my knowledge it started with Love, which along with a live show, saw Soleil releasing a Beatles album to much critical acclaim. Since then Criss Angel, Elvis, Michael Jackson (and soon Avatar) have, to varying degrees of success, been depicted in the Soleil style.

I imagine it’s a much easier sell to the suits with the cash. And an easier sell to your average member of the public. Come see this familiar thing you like do backflips.

The whole process must be a lawyer’s wet dream- imagine the licensing negotiations.

So how long till the inevitable Soleil/Star Wars collaboration?

I think I’d love and hate it.

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