Lab:Time Constrained

I received Lab:Time funding to research constrained writing techniques with the ‘cuphead‘ juggling prop.

I wrote out a bunch of rules to explore and spent 3 days on my own in the Creation Studio investigating. Some ideas led to some interesting things, lots of which require further development. It also let to plenty of dead ends and brick walls.

There’s a few of videos up on my Instagram account, this one being a favourite:

Unfortunately the cupheads didn’t turn out to be the strongest of props. I killed two of them in 3 days, pretty surprising for a juggling prop.

I’d love to see a one piece version that resisted splitting and didn’t require glue to keep it together because as a prop it’s really fun and has lots of areas of development still untapped.

I really enjoyed my time in the studio and hope to continue to develop some of the ideas I discovered in future projects.

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