42ft Podcast Episode 1 – Emily Nicholl

Emily Nicholl
Photo by Mark Dawson

This is the first in a prototype podcast series, 42ft. Recording quality, style and competency varies over the episodes.

Emily Nicholl is a Scottish circus and physical theatre artist, with roots in political theatre and the Edinburgh skill-sharing community, NoFitState Circus and Flic Scuola di Circo. After a training in hand to hand she is a flyer, dancer, aerialist, rock climber, with a focus on any partnering work both on the ground and in the air. She currently tours and performs ‘Tipping Point’ with critically acclaimed Ockham’s Razor. Her own projects include teaching when she’s back home and developing ShareEdCircus workshops aiming to diversify and enhance cross art form training for circus in Scotland.

Emily is currently working with critically acclaimed Ockham’s Razor on ‘Tipping Point‘, currently touring.



This initial test podcast series was funded by Articulation, an organisation for the support and development of Physical Performance:  Circus, Street Arts and Physical Theatre  in Scotland. 





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