Beta Testing – Creation week 3

We find ourselves in Cherbourg at La Breche one of the best buildings setup for circus creation in the world. We have our own space – a permanent big top and the mission of creating a tight routine set to music, pretty far from what we were working on in the previous weeks – all spoken word.

Myself and Jon had a few days head start on Matt, working on some raw new patterns which would then make more exciting when Matt arrived. As a plan it seemed to work out pretty well and we now have the sketchings of a 5 minuet routine. We’ll try and smooth it out in the next few days while we work with visual artist Howie Bailey on some projections which will compliment the piece.

20131001-084019 pm.jpg

Beta Testing – Creation Week 2

The week started with packed days spent working on various scenes which were constructed in the first week. Trying to tie down ideas and begin to set a couple of the sketches.

Every day we worked on our solo juggling and group technique, which will hopefully go into the final show. Juggling takes time to solidify and become familiar so we’re trying to put the hours in at this early stage of the project.

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We had an unsuccessful prop hunting trip to IKEA  but will send Matt back next week armed with his van and unusually short-sharpened pencil. Talking of Matt, he spent a couple of hours in his workshop making the first drafts of some exciting props and set for us- more on this later…

Myself and Jon spent the end of the week working on our work-in-progress showing at Out There festival in Great Yarmouth. Matt already had commitments so Jon and I had to rework a couple of old bits and present a couple of new ideas. Under the watchful eye of Matt we managed to slot a rather unusual show together.

The showings went fairly well (I forgot my lines a couple of times, learning speaking parts is still fairly new to me) and we received some kind feedback and ideas on how to improve bits later down the line. Onwards and upwards or just sideways, hopefully not backwards.

Now I’m spending my few days back home soaking up some culture as it’s London Design Festival and there’s lots of inspiring work to be seen.

Next week we’re off to La Breche. Exciting times.