I just googled “first blog”, and didn’t find anything to help me out. So, I guess I am on my own…

Except I am not! I was always wary of blogging, partly because I felt it was too egocentric (perhaps a strange worry for a performer to have), and partly because I was concerned with having enough material to keep it up to date. Well, with this new blog collective (a blogollective?) those pressures are gone, and I can, hopefully, write some stuff without too much fear.

A quick housekeeping of the last 4 weeks:

i. 3 days in Barcelona: working as “outside eye” (outside eye is the new directing!) for circus company “eia”.
ii. Berlin: social visit (and a killer poker hand), training.
iii. 5 days in Rotterdam: teaching at the “codarts” circus school (
iv. Cologne (HOME!!!): rehearsing magic acts with Ken Bardowicks in preparation for our month together in GOP Hannover in May. Because we won’t see each other again until that time…
v. Berlin: social visit, plus attending a lecture by Erik Åberg on Paul Cinquevalli, and watching Wintergarten show (Paul Ponce!).
vi. 2 days in Bad Pyrmont: visiting the retired (on three separate occasions) juggler Bob Bramson (
vii. Now in Seattle, USA, for the Moisture Festival ( Sitting in a strange kitchen, watching my replacement iPhone sync, wishing I had shows before Thursday…

OK, so I guess I shouldn’t worry about lack of themes to write about in the coming weeks.

More shall follow!

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