Knot a problem

I recently performed with the energetic Jon Udry, in Somerset.

Jon doing 6 rings on stage

I’d been having problems with my Yo-Yos, every six months or so I switch to a new pair of Yo-Yos and it takes a while for them to break in.

Occasionally I get a set which are a little sharp on the edge, this means that they snap strings. If I throw a Yo-Yo hard (easily getting up to 50,000 RPM) and the string were to  snap and the Yo-Yo hit someone, it would hurt. A lot. Even if it doesn’t hit anyone it would leave me on stage looking rather foolish.

So as you can imagine it’s something I’m rather careful to check. In over a decade of performing with Yo-Yos I’ve never snapped a string on stage. When I get a new set of Yo-Yos I can tell very quickly if it’s going to snap strings.

But at this gig I realised as I was setting my props, that I might have picked up the wrong set at home. This understandably worried me a bit, I double checked and realised it was fine I had the right pair so I set my props and waited to go on.

Onstage when I pulled out my first Yo-Yo it had a bit of a tangle in the middle of the string, bit odd. I figured that it was just a twisted string and all I needed to do was to pull it free. That didn’t work but I though it probably needed a little force so I put the loop on my finger and pulled harder. Bad idea. Instead of the mess of string neatly disappearing it held fast, knotting up.

Fuzzy picture of the knot in my string

At this point I was behind on my music and not thinking clearly, instead of changing  to the back up Yo-Yo I had in my bag I decided to carry on and see how it went.  Probably not the best idea I’ve ever had, as the knot was only just big enough to fit in the gap of the Yo-Yo and could easily have jammed up entirely, making me look even more foolish.

Thankfully I somehow managed to get through the routine, I’ve no idea how.

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