Video of the Week – Philippe Petit: The journey across the high wire

There was a time when the Twin Towers tight wire walk was an insider circus story, forgotten by New York and the rest of the world. Then Man on a Wire was released and the world listened, Petit back in fashion.

In this video Petit condenses his solo show to a 18min Ted talk.

*Warning* the juggling is a little painful….

Newcomershow Krystallpalast Varieté

Saw this on the Krystallpalast Facebook page and thought some of you may be interested in entering… good luck!

“XVIth Newcomershow from 6th to 8th July 2012 at the Krystallpalast Varieté Leipzig.

Attended by the Managers, Artistic Directors and Agents of all german Variety Theatres.
Contact for information and application forms available at (Urs Jäckle)

Deadline for applications is the 3rd May 2012.”

Technology Tips for Circus Artists – 10

This is the tenth post in a series where I set out to give tips on using technology to make your hours behind your desk that bit easier.

Tip Number Ten:

Get More (Corporate) Gigs

Circus has always had strong links with marketing, if you don’t promote your show/act/you well enough then you don’t eat. One of the greatest marketeers of all time  P. T. Barnum, was a circus proprietor who mastered the art of how to grab attention, create a buzz and sell a show.

I understand why so many circus artists shy away or despise ‘selling themselves’. To do it well you do need to be brave, go out on a limb and invest time and energy. If you really have no interest in marketing then get someone else to do it for you. But understanding the basic concepts behind marketing is important to any artists whether you plan on creating the next Cirque Du Soleil or not.

This is why I’m recommending you sign up for the free trial of GMCG, it gives you some great starting points and some basic principals. The course is delivered by Barry Friedman, a real expert in this field.

The name may be familiar to some of you as Barry has been performing half of the legendary double act, The Raspini brothers for over twenty years. Without a doubt one of the most original, funny and financially successful juggling acts around. So well respected in their field they were asked to give their own TED talk (now a personal goal of mine).

So when I found out about Barry’s online marketing course it was a no brainer to join up.

I loved doing the online course, learnt so much about my own approach to marketing, work and life. I’ve improved my business and continue to read and occasionally post in the forum which provides excellent feedback and support to your efforts in a really positive community of performers. Every week I revisit one of the lessons and see how I can make improvements on my work.

I would recommend GMCG to anyone who has the drive to make their business better. It does centre around the US corporate sector but the underlying lessons can be applied to any market your interested in; from writing proposals for funding to selling your shows to theatres.

I know the full course is not going to be everyones cup of tea but you can get a taster with the free 7 day training course. Even the information from this freebie could transform your marketing approach and I’m sure some of you will see the benefits in signing up to the full course.

Sign up for your free 7-day training course here.

Oh and incase you’re wondering, I’m not on commission or anything like that, it’s just a service I think is really useful.

If you do sign up let me know your thoughts!

I’ve always been interested in business and marketing but since doing the course I’ve become more passionate about these subjects. I want to learn more about selling shows and building websites, so perhaps drop me an e-mail if you have an interesting project you think I could help with.!/CircusGeeks/status/68270412898910208

Technology Tips for Circus Artists – 9

In this series of posts I’m going to give tips on using technology to make your hours behind your desk that bit easier.

Tip Number Nine: Open Office

Save yourself a large chunk of cash by legally downloading and installing a pice of software that could replace an App that would easily costs £100+

Open Office is an open-source application suite whose main components are for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, and databases.Wikipedia

In other words it’s Word/Office/Excell/Powerpoint/Pages/Numbers etc. for free!

Gone are the days when Open Office would crash on you for no reason, reformat a project and make you want to break down into tears of frustration. It’s now a stable App that can compete with the big boys on features, help you with a great online support community & trouble shooting site and can’t be beaten on price.

This tip a real money saver, take advantage of it. Download it now, get used to it so when you next buy a computer you won’t feel compelled to spend on a piece of software that you can basically get for free!