I think I wrote a while ago that one reason I didn’t start blogging earlier was that I felt it was too personal, too egocentric, and too TMI (TTMI?).

I am in my own bed in Cologne, after a week of shows in Hannover, and have been enjoying a lovely whisky. Which maybe helps me to think about this post.

I got into quite a discussion on the train home with my very close colleague and even closer friend Ken Bardowicks about life expectations. I was thoroughly offended by some things that he said, but luckily we are close enough that I could tell him that. It reminded me though of my opinion that basically all life possibilities and choices can be made to work.

I worked for nearly ten years with the woman who first became my wife, and then in due course my ex-wife. Whilst we were together, many people told us how clear it was in our work that we were a couple, and that only a real couple could have a connection like we had on stage. I always thought that was, to be blunt, bullshit: and indeed, our work in the time of our separation was in no way less “good” than before. What was important on stage was our sharing of a common artistic vocabulary and ability.

To be on tour with ones real life partner/boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife clearly has many advantages. And just as many disadvantages. But the point is, it can work. And so can the extreme opposite: I always wonder how colleagues with partners in “regular” jobs manage, but the point is, they do!

The reason I began this post is that my girlfriend had a gig in Hannover this morning: a promotional show for the GOP Varieté where I am working. She arrived at her hotel last night around 3am, and I watched her performance in the city at midday, after which we had a coffee together and I went to my 2:30pm show and she drove the three hours back to her own show in Marburg this evening.

It felt almost like real dating: although we have the same job, it takes us to different places at different times, but when the chance is there to meet up, then fantastic! For sure, it’s not the easiest way to have a relationship, but the point is: all possibilities can work. Rather than having some shallow and slim definition of “life”, we should remember that the world is a rather large place, and most examples of lifestyle that we can imagine are being practiced right now somewhere in the world. All have advantages and disadvantages, but all are possible.

Also, and possibly related, I was rather scared watching Petra hang off a rope, rigged on a hot-air balloon, hanging on a crane, on a windy day…


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