Welcome to MeghanLand

Good morning, and it is technically still morning for another 18 minutes here in sunny Los Angeles, CA.  Greetings and salutations to you all, I am Meghan.  Excuse me, let me try that again so that you can hear me better.  Ahem, ahem, cough <<clearing of throught>>  *HACK* …

STEP RIGHT UP! Step right up, that’s right Ladies and Gentlemen, right this way.  Why right behind this curtain I have sights your eyes have never seen before, sounds your ears have never heard before, feelings your tender young heart Miss have never even dreamed before.  Sir, yes Sir, you Sir. Have you Sir ever hear of the Tahitian Mirmaid? NO?! How about Zip the Pinhead?  Come now surely you know about The Hilton Sisters? Yes, the most beautiful Siamese Twins in all the world?  Well right inside this very tent is waiting for you the Human Pin Cushion, a woman who feels no pain, the Fire Eater, a man who is impervious to the flame.  But please do not go in there if you have a heart condition for I fear The Gauvage will seperate you from your senses . . .

And so the “Talker” would go on building the tip and turning them into the tent for the next show.  Welcome to my world, the world of the Circus Sideshow.  I perform with a troupe of amazingly talented and lovely women, all a little to the left of center, named The Ladies Society for the Subversive Arts and we perform a show called The Sideshow Sirens.  I am  Serenity in the show, and I play with fire in all its glorious forms.

Welcome to MeghanLand.


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