GOP Varieté Hannover, end of week 5:

(Time zero, 3 hours before show-time)

Arrive at theatre.
Training: 3, 5, 4 clubs.
One hour break in the dressing room (Facebook and other business).
Prepare for pre-show Close-up: brush teeth, style (?) hair, suit on. Two Sharpies in inside right jacket pocket, one lighter and two coins in left jacket pocket, one deck of cards in right jacket pocket, one deck of cards in back right trouser pocket, one lighter plus bent coin in front left trouser pocket, four coins in front right trouser pocket.
Close-up at the tables.
Return backstage, tell the MC that the audience are good and wish him a good show.
Show begins.
Change into backstage clothes, show make-up.
At end of penultimate act before intermission change into costume (suit number two).
Remove clubs from bag.
When last act before intermission starts, apply handcream.
Intermission: nod to the Swedish girls as they leave to continue warming-up on-stage, take their place backstage and begin warm-up.
Warm-up: 3, 4, 5 clubs. Exchange brief words with MC as he passes. Sixty seconds later Ukrainian acrobatic base comes up stairs. Flyer follows two minutes later. Technician will pass by sometime between these events.
After warm-up, place clubs carefully against wall, return to dressing room to remove any sweat and check costume and make-up.
Take clubs and go to side of stage.
Warm-up phase two: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 clubs.
Check shoes, check socks, check fly, check jacket button.
Wipe hands, collect all clubs.
MC is making the introduction, warm-up phase three: legs, shoulders, feet.
Go on stage, do act.
Bow, leave stage.
Collect off-stage clubs, thank stagehand as he returns the remaining clubs, put clubs back in bag.
Strip upper body.
Change into finale shoes.
Enter drop data into iPad.
Drink water.
Wash upper body, apply cold water to made-up face.
E-mail / Facebook / blog.
When penultimate act begins, get dressed for finale, wash make-up off suit.
As final act ends, go to side of stage and check stability of the two chairs to bring on.

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