Housekeeping Pt II

Time I think for another personal update, sharing some of the more usual things that have been going on in my life recently.

I am in my home office, the Café “Jaely’s Coffee” near my home in Cologne. My nine week run in the GOP Varieté in Hannover finished exactly two weeks ago, and I have had “time off” (meaning no shows) since then.

Did do quite a lot though! I made a YouTube video, having been inspired by some discussion on the juggling newsgroup about some tricks I was trying 15 odd years ago, had a very short trip to Berlin to pick up some props to deliver to Petra, who I then visited for a couple of nights during her cruiseship rehearsals in Holland, wrote some new material with Ken Bardowicks, and finally I fixed the wrongly saved data (incorrect fields since switching from Palm Desktop to Apples Address Book) in my address book. The last success also enabled me to actually create a clean and current mailing list (divided into German and English, hooray!).

My first use of said mailing list will be the official announcement of my all new website, which I built whilst I was in Hannover.

Phew. Also, I suppose I can officially say now that Bob Bramson’s book “An Artist’s Luggage” is at the publishers, and is “coming soon”!

Today I packed a suitcase, for tomorrow I fly to the good old US of A to attend the International Jugglers’ Association Annual Festival. I shall teach three workshops, perform in the main show, and have the hono(u)r (?) of being a judge for their stage competitions. I assume I can talk about that. I shall ask more about that when I am there, I feel I would like to write something about that. I have very mixed feelings about it. But as a friend told me, “you get free water and the best seats in the house”.

And the week after next? Three days in Stockholm for show meeting for 2012, and then two weeks or so in London! I plan to catch shows at the Gandini Juggling Week, get some new photos done, and see friends and family. Then shows in Berlin from mid-August and so on and so on…

Oh yeah, and Google+

And Mad Men: Season 3 and Spirit HD.

OK, at least I feel now that all is up to date: again, also some inspiration for some more serious writings soon.

Now, back to my coffee…

Untidy list of reference links!

Tricks in the gym:
Petra’s boat (maiden voyage!):
Ken’s website:
My new website:
IJA Fest:
IJA competition rules:
Gandini Juggling Week:
Spirit HD (iPad game):

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