Below is one of my favourite TED Talks.

 I think circus is slowly starting to get the idea and power of the Internet, slowly changing its attitude. 

Juggling has been on the net with a global community for many years now, it was far ahead of other circus disciplines in its embrace of the ‘WWW’. I suspect that is partly due to the personalities involved and the relative ease to describe tricks in photos, words and numbers (the close and now obvious link with Maths and Juggling) as opposed to the more difficult to descride acrobatic/physical circus disciplines.

But the rest of circus is catching up, there are now straps artists sharing moves, routines and ideas online with a global community. 6 years ago that didn’t happen. 

The more people investing time and passion in a given subject means the more the subject grows and develops. Not just in terms of technique but also artistic approach. But this only happens if artists are willing to show their work to the world. Share their new knowledge and let others help develop it. it’s a scary thing to do. It leaves you feeling exposed and vulnerable. But gives you and others a chance to grow.

Technology is changing the world as we breath, it’s making sharing stupidly easy. And that’s a great thing.


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