Dr. Seuss ‘If I ran the circus’

I love circus books. I love Dr. Seuss. So when I was given ‘If I ran the circus‘ by Dr. Seuss I was excited!

Unlike a lot of books aimed to be read by children Dr. Seuss books are fun to read! The plots aren’t mind numbingly predictable and the vocabulary is nicely varied. But the thing that always made them stand out to me was the superb illustration. The amazing colours, characters and even the lettering made Dr. Seuss books a joy to read.

‘If I ran the circus’ is no different, as you might imagine it’s a brilliantly surreal take on traditional circus (I’d guess mostly heavily influenced by Barnum & Baileys). Elephants on stilts, a walrus who can stand on one whisker, a juggling dot “Who can juggle some stuff, You might think he could not” and many more amazing attractions feature in ‘Circus McGurkus’ which the book centres around.

It’s a fun book, perfect for any youngsters learning to read or possibly any circus performers looking for some inspiration! 

4 thoughts on “Dr. Seuss ‘If I ran the circus’”

  1. I agree – this is my favourite Dr. Seuss book. The play with the language is fantastic as is the unlimited imagination. And you are right Arron, the illustrations are inspiring!

    1. Looking forward to meeting the first circus artist (of many I suspect) who says they got inspired/interested by this book.

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