Bella Kinetica funding

It has long been an ambition of mine make my own mark on the ‘circus theatre’ scene – to put together a full length circus show with a strong narrative and theatrical drive. And to make life more interesting I wanted it to be entirely on roller skates. And in the air...
We are aiming to start R and D for the project this autumn and have the support of awesome arts venues Jacksons Lane and Circomedia, as well as a brilliant cast lined up, all we need now is the cash to make it happen!
The campaign is being run through a crowd-funding website called Indiegogo, which works by lots of people donating small amounts to reach a final target – in our case $7,000 (roughly £4,500). We need this money to fund our show, and in return we can offer lots of unusual rewards.
It would be much appreciated if you could contribute to the campaign. Any small amount will help us greatly and a bigger contribution would really help the show take off the ground (literally!).
I am so lucky to know so many awesome, creative and generous circus geeks, and I will be forever grateful for any contributions!
Even if you can’t contribute, it would still be very helpful if you could share the campaign so that we reach as many people as possible. Facebook, twitter, email, word of mouth, links on website – it’s all good!
Please help support new circus!