Stories from not very long ago…

Some short stories from an older artist friend…

“In the time that my parents were performing in the Soviet Union, Odin Dankmann (the General Director of the Soviet State Circus) still held favour with Stalin. Later, he was ordered by him to be shot.”

“Each time that we were engaged abroad my father had to visit the Gestapo to receive a visa and permission to travel. The official there meant us all the best as he gave us our final visa in 1944, with a meaningful look and the words: “this is the last time that I can give you these papers.”

“In the early 1960s it was still normal, despite the Berlin Wall, to have musicians from West Berlin playing in the orchestra at the Friedrichstadtpalast. I remember that one such musician was involved with a young lady from the ballet. The lovers spent every moment that they could together. One day the Stasi arrived during a rehearsal and arrested the couple. I do not know exactly what had happened.”!/CircusGeeks/status/71927643452354561


I should probably write a “normal” blog entry from time to time, as opposed to soapbox-standing tirades that probably make me sound like I would like to be standing outside your house shouting up at you in the middle of the night.

I am writing this on a train (like most of my contributions so far) on my way to Berlin. I am going to see the lovely Petra, and then we travel on to Gera to spend Easter at my non-legally-bound in-laws.

Easter in the East. Ha ha.

OK, that comment says something about my current mental state, I am sure…

These four days bridge the time between teaching last week at Codarts (a circus school in Holland) and next week at ACaPA (a circus school in Holland). It will be the first time that I visit ACaPA, and so I am excited to see exactly what is going on there, and try to get a feel for what differences exist between these two schools, how they differentiate themselves from each other.

UPDATE: I have painted eggs for the Easter time. Is that normal enough for a blog? I am rather happy with the geek content of them.

Happy Easter (from the East)!