Who is David Eriksson?

Good morning circuslovers.
Writing today’s first post is David Eriksson, circusartist from Sweden. Before I start posting more frequently here on Circusgeeks I want to introduce myself so you all have a chance to get to know me a bit before you decide if you should read what I have to say, or not.
You already know my name and that I’m an artist from the north. I perform juggling, acrobatics, aerial and I also like to add elements of comedy into my acts. I work with Fofo Rakez since nearly 9 years and we do a couple of acts together.
At the moment we are touring Scandinavia and Europe with a company called Cirkus Cirkör and our new show “Wear it like a crown
My posts here on circusgeeks.co.uk will be about touring, struggling and having fun in the wonderful world of circus entertainment.
I will speak soon again.

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