Building a new act.

Exciting times. After about 8 years with more or less the same material I’m about to make drastic changes. I have always built my acts after the same pattern. Lately I have found myself completely bored by that form.

• A piece of music. Composed for the act.
• A choreography set to that music.
• Music finished. Finale trick, take a bow and outro music.
• Exit

Simple but boring. I want to make something different. Or new. New to me. I want to use music but I want to edit exciting music to fit my act. In this way I’m going to have the possibilities of jumping between tempos and different pieces of music and add moments of recognition to the audience. I can use the music to change characters. I can go from a happy energetic persona to a pompous figure or what ever.
I can change “skill”. Blablabla.

I have to excuse my language earlier. Its not that its boring to make a choreography to a set piece of music. Its just that I need to do something with my material to find the joy again. To completely change route.
I used to get really excited about making a start at a new act. 8 years ago when I constructed the act that I now so badly want to change I was super excited and the ideas came flying. And it worked well. I have done that act for about 1500 times.

And now its time to move on.
But how do I start? It would be great to use this blog and its readers and writers to get some input and inspiration. How do YOU set everything up when you start with a new piece? Id like to hear your thoughts about it. Lets create together.

I stop now. I wanted to write about my method and about my idea. It turned out I have a wage idea and NO method. So I need a discussion with you guys. Give me your tips and your secrets : )
I’m going on tour now. For a year. But Internet is everywhere so lets meet there.

Circus in film: Butterfly circus

“At the height of the Great Depression, the showman (Eduardo Verastegui) of a renowned circus leads his troupe through the devastated American landscape, lifting the spirits of audiences along the way. During their travels they discover Will (Nick Vujicic), a man without limbs at a carnival sideshow, but after an intriguing encounter with the showman he becomes driven to hope against everything he has ever believed”

Ten jugglers

Recently I got asked to list ten jugglers that have inspired me. These ten mean a lot to me for a number of reasons.

BUBA – When I saw this guy first time I was amazed. Clever and funny.
Aleksandr Koblikov – This young artist is just amazing. I love the footcatches in the video.
Gregory Popovich – He was one of the first jugglers I ever saw. The video was from a circus, can´t remember which one. There was also an interview where he spoke about the importance of conditioning. Great side summersaults in his devilstickact. (like most russian artists) He inspired me to go for runs, practice acrobatics and to kick from six balls to seven.
Kris Kremo – I was never interested in juggling with hats, cigar boxes or handbags but what he is doing with the balls is simply amazing in my opinion. And I also find him a great entertainer.
Mark and Benji – This number rocked my world a bit when I saw a video a friend of mine filmed at a German youthcircusfestival a year or tow before their big hit in Paris. Loved the odd ideas, the music and of course the juggling. I suppose it inspired me and Rod Laver for the act that we used to do as well. Its also one of the only juggling acts that makes my girlfriend Fofo happy.
Michael Menes – I wanted to be him in the beginning of my career. Not anymore though. But I still like Three round objects.
W.C Fields – Inventor of stuff.
Bobby May – He is probably the most inspiring performer on this list. All the stuff he came up with and the little films he made… Really, really great.
Bernard Kudlak – Formed Cirque Plume and did a fantastic ballbouncingact in one of their early shows.
Anthony Gatto – I remember when he did 7 clubs for a minute in the gym at the convention in York 2000.

It would be great to hear your coments on this one. Also, it would be great to hear about performers that have inspired you.


Who is David Eriksson?

Good morning circuslovers.
Writing today’s first post is David Eriksson, circusartist from Sweden. Before I start posting more frequently here on Circusgeeks I want to introduce myself so you all have a chance to get to know me a bit before you decide if you should read what I have to say, or not.
You already know my name and that I’m an artist from the north. I perform juggling, acrobatics, aerial and I also like to add elements of comedy into my acts. I work with Fofo Rakez since nearly 9 years and we do a couple of acts together.
At the moment we are touring Scandinavia and Europe with a company called Cirkus Cirkör and our new show “Wear it like a crown
My posts here on will be about touring, struggling and having fun in the wonderful world of circus entertainment.
I will speak soon again.