Ten jugglers

Recently I got asked to list ten jugglers that have inspired me. These ten mean a lot to me for a number of reasons.

BUBA – When I saw this guy first time I was amazed. Clever and funny.
Aleksandr Koblikov – This young artist is just amazing. I love the footcatches in the video.
Gregory Popovich – He was one of the first jugglers I ever saw. The video was from a circus, can´t remember which one. There was also an interview where he spoke about the importance of conditioning. Great side summersaults in his devilstickact. (like most russian artists) He inspired me to go for runs, practice acrobatics and to kick from six balls to seven.
Kris Kremo – I was never interested in juggling with hats, cigar boxes or handbags but what he is doing with the balls is simply amazing in my opinion. And I also find him a great entertainer.
Mark and Benji – This number rocked my world a bit when I saw a video a friend of mine filmed at a German youthcircusfestival a year or tow before their big hit in Paris. Loved the odd ideas, the music and of course the juggling. I suppose it inspired me and Rod Laver for the act that we used to do as well. Its also one of the only juggling acts that makes my girlfriend Fofo happy.
Michael Menes – I wanted to be him in the beginning of my career. Not anymore though. But I still like Three round objects.
W.C Fields – Inventor of stuff.
Bobby May – He is probably the most inspiring performer on this list. All the stuff he came up with and the little films he made… Really, really great.
Bernard Kudlak – Formed Cirque Plume and did a fantastic ballbouncingact in one of their early shows.
Anthony Gatto – I remember when he did 7 clubs for a minute in the gym at the convention in York 2000.

It would be great to hear your coments on this one. Also, it would be great to hear about performers that have inspired you.


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