Practice Systems for Juggling: Five Lives

Practice System 2: Five Lives


Five Lives is a system that I came up with which is specifically designed for solidifying patterns. Unlike the pyramid system, the amount of throws and catches can change, depending on your skill level that day. An advantage about this system over the pyramid system, is that you cannot fail. Another advantage about this system is that it is quick to complete. I personally find this very useful as I sometimes have to train in limited space facilities. This means that I could just have 20 or 30 minutes spare before I have to move space. This system is perfect for just that situation.


As this is set as a short game, you start with fives lives. Every time a level is not achieved, you go back to the previous level and loos a life. Below is an example of a standard game of Five Lives with 7 balls.

First you set your levels.

7 throws (a flash) = level 1

10 throws = level 2

20 throws = level 3

30 throws = level 4

40 throws = level 5

50 throws = level 6

Etc etc.

Now, you start on level 1. As it is level 1, you have 1 attempt to get your target. If you fail, you loose a life. If you succeed, move onto level 2. Now you are on level 2, you have 2 attempts to achieve your target. If you fail, go back one level to level 1 and loose a life. If you succeed, move onto level 3. This sequence continues until you eventually run out of lives. Take note of your highest level and see if you can beat it next time.

This system can also work hand in hand with the Pyramid System (for explanation of Pyramid System, please see previous article). Once you have died (in the game), remember your highest achievement of that round. Make this the top of your Pyramid System for that day and create your pyramid from the top working down.


My highest achievement in Five Lives today was 30 catches of 7 balls. My pyramid for today could look like this:

30 catches x 1

20 catches x 2

15 catches x 3

10 catches x 4

7 catches x 5

I hope that you have as much fun with this system as I have. If you have any questions or comments then please do leave them below. Thank-you.

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