The full Undermän show (as part of CircusFest) was live streamed on the Guardian website here and you can still watch it!

I personally loved the show, so much so I gave a breif testimonial for the show. Obviously the video isn’t as good as seeing the show live but if you haven’t had a chance to catch the show yet have a gander!

1 thought on “Undermän”

  1. I just watched it on the guardian website, I loved it too, so uplifting! Thanks for sharing the link! The part where one of the bases performs an acrobalancing routine on his own, gah, got a bit teary-eyed, and the final part where they all caught, tossed and fell with each other was extremely touching.

    I was a bit annoyed when I read that people wrote that they expected more showcase of circus skills, urgh. These guys incorporated narratives, thoughtful mini lectures and humour (lanky guy was adamant that he has issues too! I loled) into their show, AND had killer juggling, Cyr wheel, acrobalancing and musical skills. What more do people want :-/

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